Houses & Modules

We are a one stop shop for a complete packaged system.

NSV produce high quality houses and modules; usually our houses are destined to contain metering or analyser equipment in hazardous and harsh environments. We provide dedicated HVAC units to ensure a clean and safe environment inside the house with filtered pressurised air. NSV can also provide the controls for house status monitoring and an install service for any free issue equipment required.

The houses are built to client specifications and to meet a variety of specific conditions including:

  • Fire rated walls
  • Blast rated walls
  • Ability to endure earthquakes
  • Ability to endure shipping loads
  • High prevalence of sand in the atmosphere

For a blast rated house they are manufactured with a strong framework with multiple members to ensure strength and stiffness. Corrugated panels fit between the members and are fully welded in position. We manufacture in 316L stainless steel or painted carbon steel. Where blast ratings are not a concern we manufacture the house from interlocking panels of a standard design to bespoke sizes to form a fully sealed casework. Again these can be manufactured from 316L stainless steel or painted carbon steel. We utilise many painting systems to ensure the best fit for our clients needs.

In addition to the above build style our typical houses have the following features:

  • A structural skid for ease of transport and securing on site, manufactured from stainless steel or painted carbon steel.
  • Top lift points for ease of transport
  • Incorporation of ductwork penetrations into the structural steel framework design.
  • Pressure Relief Damper points.
  • Incorporation of any type of cable transit system.

The internal walls can be fitted with a variety of materials and finishes, incorporating systems to mount internal equipment, controls and ancillaries.


Example Projects:

Hazardous Area Metering House & HVAC