Air Handling Units

Bespoke, robust and with a minimum life expectancy of 20 years NSV’s AHUs are renowned the world over. They can be found on a range of offshore and onshore installations forming the heart of many HVAC systems that require a anti-corrosive construction suitable for the most hostile of environments. For offshore the whole unit is manufactured from high grade 316L stainless steel, however in the current economic climate we can also utilise other cost effective materials.

With such a long life expectancy, ease of maintenance is a major consideration that forms a central role of all our units, stacked fan arrangements or duty-standby units enable maintenance to be carried out on one fan without losing production time. Easily changed filters and easy access to key areas mean yet again NSV lead the market.

The design of our equipment can incorporate any airflow quantity with a large temperature range, so what ever the requirement, NSV has a Air Handling Unit to suit your needs.




 Final Inspection before dispatch









AHU complete with refrigeration system, a perfect packaged unit for the offshore environment