Why Choose NSV

Our History

The principal directors and shareholders of NSV have worked together since 1975. In 1981 the same individuals joined a specialist HVAC company with the intention of expanding into the offshore industry which they did with great success. In 1992 those same individuals left to form North Sea Ventilation Ltd (NSV).

The original intention was to provide specialist HVAC services to the UK North Sea waters only with a projected turnover of up to £1M. But the success of their products and services quickly established NSV as a key offshore player. In the first three years of inception, NSV were successful in being awarded the complete HVAC systems for the Brent Bravo, Charlie and Delta platforms, the most prestigious project of that time. That same HVAC equipment is still in operation today some 23 years later, providing testament to the design and build quality of the product.

NSV’s expansion continued. We recruited highly skilled engineers both in the office and on the shop floor, many of the original staff are still with us to this day.

NSV turnover generally consistent but in 2009 turnover increased significantly when we were awarded three major projects. During this period we took on additional premises and staffing levels rose to 150. NSV is able to react quickly to the peaks and troughs of the offshore industry. We are located on a modern industrial estate and as such have access to a range of additional rented property for short term lease.