Our Premises With 3,500m2 of factory space set in 3 acres the site has proved ideal for the type of manufacturing undertaken since NSV moved here in 2002. A large open plan office complex is located on the first floor that not only allows direct communication with colleagues with the obvious benefits of shared knowledge and experience, but also allows direct access to the manufacturing floor so progress can be monitored regularly and any minor questions identified and dealt with before they become problems.

On the grounds we have a dedicated 5 ton crane that regularly deals with articulated transport enabling quick loading and unloading of sea-going containers or large crated units in a safe and controlled environment.

Our location is ideally located near a major British port, and Hull is well connected by the motorway network and served by the nearby airport.



Test Facilities

A temperature controlled test chamber enables the precise commissioning of our high ambient HVAC units. The chamber is regularly used for units destined for the Middle East with ambient temperatures up to 50°C, however 70°C has been achieved for units that are designed for Steel Works.


Mechanical Drafting & Design

NSV are proud to be using the latest 3D design software, SOLIDWORKS, which has already proved its worth enabling the design of complex and compact units as well as enabling efficient and streamlined sheet metal production.


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A number of technical drawings are still produced using AutoCAD, this simple but effective tool enables our draughtsmen to produce drawings up to the highest standards in a clear and concise manner.

Electrical Drafting & Design

NSV utilise specialist design tools for Control Panel and system design, namely AutoCAD Electrical. It has a comprehensive set of draughting tools provided by the standard AutoCAD on which it is based, when combined with an extensive component library and advanced features such as automatic wire and components numbering, automatic cross referencing, and bill of material generation proves invaluable in efficiently producing drawings and documentation for our control systems

 Selection Programs

  NSV have immediate access to a number of programs used across the design spectrum that allows selection of the ideal component for that specific purpose. Need to incorporate changes? No problem, NSV can quickly adapt and redesign projects to suit very specific customer needs.